Micronutrients, also called trace elements or secondary elements, are essential nutritive substances for plants.
Although not so present in the chemical composition of plants tissues, have an undeniable importance, also confirmed at academic levels.

The most important micronutrients are:

Iron (Fe)
Copper (Cu)
Boron (B)
Zinc (Zn)
Manganese (Mn)
Molybdenum (Mo)

In order for plants to be nourished with all these substances, micronutrients must be naturally present in soils or added through fertilizers.

How micronutrients work.

Many reactions in plant biochemistry depend on the presence of micronutrients. In detail:

1. Iron, the most important micronutrient, plays a fundamental role in photosynthetic process, entering many enzymes’ formation and regulating biochemical processes, such as cellular respiration
2. Copper, promotes protein synthesis
3. Boron, promotes meristematic development
4. Zinc, facilitates amino acids synthesis, auxines and – together with Boron – stimulates fruit setting and reproduction of young tissues
5. Manganese, catalyses many enzymatic processes and promotes chlorophyll photosynthesis
6. Molybdenum, promotes nitrogen assimilation

While in nature the decomposition of animal and plant remains guarantees the reintegration of the elements taken from soils by plants, in cutlivations it is necessary artificially restoring substrates fertility by using fertilizers.

Features of Micronutrients fertilizers by Hydro Fert.

Hydro Fert products of Micronutrients range are able to bring many benefits to plants. In particular they:

  • bring plants with nutritional diseases back to normal conditions
  • enhance the healing effect of micronutrients against micro-deficiencies
  • improve the most important physiological and biochemical processes
  • increase the photosynthetic efficiency
  • increase plants growth and health, as well as their resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses
  • improve chlorophyll photosynthesis, greener leaves and flowering
  • promote vegetative growth, fruit setting and ripening
  • improve yields, both in terms of quality and quantity
  • increase organoleptic properties of fruits

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