R&D Department is involved in a constant activity of implementation and update of Hydro Fert products set, staying in line with market and client’s needs. Hydro Fert products are registered and then put on the market only after many different laboratory and field trials, performed in cooperation with public and private research authorities.

A strong partnership with the ‘Agricultural science and technology Department in the University of Bari’ has led to a deep study of growth promoters and of soil organic matters. Consequent developments have helped the creation of new fertilizers of high technological content.

R&D Department produces innovations that are at the same time economical, effective and environmentally sustainable. We strongly believe that economic and environmental sustainability in agricultural processes is a fundamental principle not to be left out of consideration for a fair development. Nowadays, many data on the trends of world population growth, also supported by bodies such as ‘U.N.’, evaluate an increase up to 9 Billion people by 2040. In these conditions, only a sustainable production of food will make it possible to feed the next generations without compromising the ecosystem we are living in.