Organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are all those substances of natural origin used to fertilize soils and that become a source of nourishment for the crops development.

Organic fertilization is a key action for plants cultivation. An organic fertilizer, when applied in proper quantities and times according to the different agronomic phases, supplies to crops the nutrients they need, thus increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the fertilization.


Biostimulant Fertilizers and Resistance Inductors: the benefits

The integration of organic and mineral fertilization, through the combined use of products with a biostimulating action and resistance inductors, improves both the absorption and efficiency of use of nutritional elements, as well as the resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses, also reducing the use of non-renewable chemical resources.

In general, organic fertilizers contain seaweeds, amino acids, humic acids, microorganisms and mineral elements, all substances at a low environmental impact, the use of which actually contributes to the transition towards a sustainable agriculture, also guaranteeing economic savings thanks to low application rates.

R&D for an optimal mix of fertilizers

Each Hydro Fert product is an important partner for all agronomic strategies and organic fertilizers themselves  are a clear example of that. 

The applied research protocols along with the innovative process developed in-house (RS Technology) ensure the production of highly performing organic fertilizers. Such statement is confirmed by many laboratory investigations, experimental tests and collaborations with research institutes usually carried out by the company.

It is therefore possible to maintain that innovation for Hydro Fert is a daily mantra, thanks to the R&D work that engages agronomists and experts in the sector every day to find new methods for a sustainable agriculture.

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