Among state-of-the-art biostimulant fertilizers, it’s worth mentioning the Foliar Gold line products, some high purity and solubility fertilizers, with specific formulations for all crops.

Very useful especially during the early-life stages of plants, these fertilizers promote the vegetal and reproductive balance, besides increasing the photosynthetic efficiency as well as the buds development and yields.

The main feature of Foliar Gold biostimulants by Hydro Fert is that they are free from chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, carbonates and orthophosphoric acid. On the other hand, they contain seaweeds, amino acids of plant origin, macro and micronutrients EDTA chelated and at low biuret content.

The use of Foliar Gold biostimulants by Hydro Fert.
The Foliar Gold line products can be used in foliar applications for:
1. Fruit trees
2. Vegetables
3. Floriculture, ornamentals

Their recommended dosage needs 3-4 applications throughout the agricultural cycle.

The use of Foliar Gold line products by Hydro Fert helps feeding the plants with natural substances able to activate physiological functions, especially when they’re weakened by stress conditions that can compromise yields. Their main benefits aim to improve the vigour, yields and quality of crops, as well as to promote a better soil conservation after cultivation activities.

Today biostimulant products play an ever-increasing important role in traditional agriculture. They are an essential complement to fertilizers and agrochemicals, as well as to general agricultural practices, and they are fully compatible with the most advanced cultivation techniques.

For further details, read also the previous article about “benefits of biostimulants in agriculture”. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions and try our Foliar Gold line products.

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